Solace Tanning Studios is a service-oriented and professional tanning salon that opened its doors April 2008. The founder, Julie, discovered that there was a huge void in the Toronto tanning industry. As a frequent traveler, she would visit local tanning salons to build her base tan. She was continuously disappointed with the lack of professionalism, quality and cleanliness of the facilities she was frequenting. This is how Solace Tanning Studios was born.

Julie’s main focus in founding Solace Tanning Studios was to create a welcoming, luxurious and professional tanning salon on Toronto’s waterfront, where she lived, that catered to hip and sophisticated condo-dwellers. Julie thrives in the sun and understood the importance of receiving UV rays on a daily basis. Living in Toronto, it can be very difficult to get adequate sunshine and vitamin D throughout the year. Solace Tanning Studios enables those who wish to tan year-round, a comfortable and controlled environment to do so. 

Julie's entrepreneurial spirit led her towards opening a Health and Wellness boutique and basket company, and after meeting with Joscelyn, a client from Solace's early days, it was determined that Julie would begin to phase out her time at the studio to focus on her passion projects. Joscelyn began at Solace in early 2016, and took over Studio Management, bringing with her a background in Corporate Advertising and Marketing.

As Joscelyn spent more time at the studio, warmly welcoming both existing and new clients, while still working in the Advertising industry, the studio became her passion project, working towards her goal of purchasing shares of the studio from Julie.

In the summer of 2020, Joscelyn officially became Solace's Sole Proprietor. She will continue to support and encourage Julie's endeavors in the Health and Wellness industry, and is grateful for the opportunity to continue growing the business that Julie lovingly started from scratch in 2008.

Joscelyn can be reached at