The HD booth by Mystic Tan is the latest in UV-free tanning technology. It uses Mystic Tan’s patented MagnaTan technology and sweeping airbrush motion to give each client a perfectly uniform tan in just 90 seconds.

The booth works with individual single-use tanning cartridges giving our clients the freedom to choose one of our clear, dark or venetian bronzing solutions. There is a heater in the unit to keep you warm and comfortable during the session as well as assist in drying the solution. 

We offer the following options:

1 session $35 $35
5 sessions $150 $30
10 sessions $250 $25
30 days unlimited $110



  • Hairnets are included in price.
  • 30 days unlimited is 30 days from date of first use.
  • Spray packages are not to be shared.

Note: Although we use the mystic tan machine for it's technology, we don't use their solution. We use our preferred bronzing solution that gives the most natural colour.

Tanning cartridges are available in 3 bronzing options, for lighter or darker results.

Because the treatment takes only 90 seconds it is especially convenient for people that don’t have time to spend hours tanning and who want instant results or those people who are cautious of UV rays but want a nice, natural looking glow. UV-free tanning is great for people who have events, parties, photo shoots, upcoming vacations or who just want to maintain the perfect glow year round.


Before a spray session clients should follow a few simple guidelines to get the best results possible. A staff member will run you through it prior to your session and give you tips. Should you not consider the information stated below, you may encounter issues with your results.


The day before receiving a spray tan, clients are encouraged to exfoliate in the shower and shave.


Any shaving or waxing should be done 24 hours prior to a spray tan. Also be sure to wash off any residue from wax or shaving creams from all shaved areas before doing a spray session. Be sure not to apply any moisturizers, make-up or deodorants before a spray session, as they will interfere with the development of the colour.


The solution will come out of most clothing. Elastic waistbands, silk, spandex and rayon are fabrics that the solution will not come out of. We recommend that you bring a change of clothes or that you wear loose fitting, older clothing the day you come in to do a spray tan. Also pay close attention to things like bra straps; the solution will not come out of elastic banding in clothes so wear older or dark colored undergarments to the salon before a spray session. Wearing clothing such as bathing suits or undergarments inside the booth during your spray session is not recommended.


Using the SunCapsule 220 for 4 minutes after your spray session will accelerate the absorption of the solution as well as help boost your colour with natural UV rays. It is not recommended to tan for more than 4 minutes in the stand up after your spray session due to the possibility of sweat affecting the tan. For your convenience a clean large towel will be supplied so you won’t need to dress between your sessions. This option is available for an additional $5.


  • Avoid using any kind of moisturizer that is oil based for the 24-hour period prior to or after you session, to allow DHA to set properly.
  • Dry skin absorbs more solution but can appear blotchy and uneven. Beware of dry winter skin!
  • It’s very important to use blending cream on the bottom of your feet as most of the solution drops to the ground and ends up on the bottom of your feet.
  • Solution will rub off on your clothes for the first 24 hours or until your first shower. Careful with your bed sheets.
  • Solution won’t stain most types of clothing or material, but will stain elastic waistbands, silk, spandex and rayon.
  • The dark bronzing solution will rinse off in the shower for the first 24 hours but you will not lose your tan. Be most careful with this solution on your sheets and clothing.
  • If you’re not completely dry after your session pat yourself dry starting with your feet.
  • Wash your hands immediately to avoid discolouration on your hands and in the creases.


  • The use of 'blending cream' provided on your hands and feet. (Between fingers and toes, on your nails, palms and soles of your feet).
  • Wear a hair net with your hairline exposed.
  • Remove make up before your session.
  • Wear dark colour clothing for the first 24 hours.
  • Use the supplied wipes to wipe down your feet and hands.
  • Wait a minimum of 8 hours before showering or bathing. Avoid chlorine and pools, as it will affect your colour.


Choose from 3 solution options: Norvell Clear, Dark, and Venetian.

Clear Solution: Will result in a natural looking glow that develops over a 24-hour period. Recommended for light-medium skin tones.

Dark Bronze Solution: Will result in a medium-to-dark tan that resembles how you would appear after weeks of tanning or “off the beach colour” that appears instantly. Recommended for medium-dark skin tones. This solution develops to be a warm, caramel-based tan.

Venetian Bronze Solution: Will result in a medium-to-dark tan that resembles how you would appear after weeks of tanning or “off the beach colour” that appears instantly. Recommended for medium-dark skin tones. This solution develops to be a cool, olive-based tan.